Staff Information

The Council has 10 full-time and 10 part-time staff. A copy of the Council’s organisational chart is available here. All staff are permanent.

Staff can be contacted by telephoning the office on 01726 829859, or emailing


Trade Unions

The Council has staff in the Unison, Unite and ALCC unions. No members of staff act as union representatives or spend time on union duties.


Senior Salaries

One member of staff, the Town Clerk has remuneration in the band £55-60,000. A copy of the Town Clerk’s job description can be found here. All other staff earn less than £50,000.

Pay Multiple

The pay multiple is the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings and the median earnings of the whole authority’s workforce.

At the 1st April 2019 the pay multiple was 2.9.